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Feed My Starving Children Event: Nov 13 - 16

Fifty Rotarians from four local clubs volunteered together to help make The Make A Difference DKC mobile pack event an enormous success. The event was the fifth annual mobile pack event for Feed My Starving Children, held on Nov 13 – 16th in Sycamore. Sycamore, DeKalb and Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary Clubs have played an important role in fund raising to ensure the event is able to pay for the food it packs. This year’s event set an ambitious goal of packing one million meals. The millionth meal was packed at approximately 4pm on Sunday, and the volunteers continued packing until they ran out of supplies. The final count for the meals was 1,055,808, packed by a total of 4,713 volunteers from the DeKalb County area. The meals will be sent to feed starving children in the world's most impoverished countries.

"6,200 children under the age of 5 die each day due to starvation, and Rotarians believe it doesn’t have to be that way”, said Sycamore Rotarian Heidi Wright, Chairman of the Feed My Starving Children Committee. “Area Rotary Clubs worked together to contribute over $8,000 to the event. With the help of generous individuals, businesses and organizations like Rotary, we were able to raise over $230,000 this year which enabled us to pack 1,055,808 meals!”

The meals cost just $.22 each and are scientifically formulated to bring a child who is suffering from severe malnutrition back to health in as little as 30 days. The food consists of rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables and a nutrient dense vitamin/mineral powder that is packed in bags. The food simply needs to be cooked in boiling water and is ready for consumption.

“ Rotary International has played an important role in the world to bring both clean water and nutritious food to those in need, so it makes perfect sense for local Rotarians to support this event. It’s a way that Rotarians can save lives by helping children who are most vulnerable to death by starvation,” said President Riley Onken, of Sycamore Rotary.

“These are children that have no safety net and no control over their dire circumstances. The meals are life-saving - the difference between that child surviving or not. DeKalb Rotary was very pleased to be able to play a role in helping to eliminate childhood starvation,” said Christine Johnson of the DeKalb Rotary Club.

“This event gives the local Rotary Clubs an opportunity to work on a project together – we raised funds and volunteered together, which was fun and rewarding. We would like to recruit more area Rotary Clubs to join us,” said President Dan Monaghan of Kishwaukee Sunrise Rotary

Local Rotary Clubs also participated in the $10,000 cash raffle by selling tickets to support the event. $12 from every ticket sold was donated to pay for food for the mobile pack event.

The winning ticket was sold by Teri Johnson of Rochelle, IL to her friend Tina Byrne of New Glarus, Wisconsin. Teri Johnson is a member of Altrusa International of the DeKalb/Sycamore Chapter. Altrusa plans to use the proceeds they earned from selling raffle tickets to support literacy programs in DeKalb County.

The event takes place each November at The Suter Company's facility in Sycamore. For more information, visit www.makeadifferencedkc and the Make A Difference DeKalb County facebook. To learn how you or your Rotary Club can help to make a difference, contact Heidi Wright at

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